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The production process of plate heat exchanger plates is interpreted by the manufacturer!

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The production process of plate heat exchanger plates is interpreted by the manufacturer!
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Plate heat exchanger plates are an important part of the heat exchanger. The quality of the plates determines the heat exchange capacity and pressure capacity of the equipment, but for most domestic manufacturers, it is because of their own production capacity. 
, Do not produce by ourselves, most of them are procurement. I don’t understand the problems of plate production. This article will introduce you to the whole process of plate production.

The first is the purchase of raw materials. The quality of raw materials determines the quality of the plates. The stainless steel materials of ordinary domestic manufacturers and imported brands of stainless steel materials actually affect the pressing of the plates. 
The first step of production is to split the grooves and flatten them. Most of them are cut by raw material manufacturers. Small batches are cut by shears. The diagonal of the plates affects the stretching and uniformity of the plates. If the plates are cut 

Uneven, serious ones will cause slippage.

Plate heat exchanger plates

The second step is to press the plate, using a certain mold and appropriate pressure to form the shape, the real effective pressure of the press, the flatness and parallelism of the platform and the mold, determine the accuracy of the plate. 
The third step is punching. The heat exchange plate of the middle plate that needs to be punched is placed on a professional punching machine, and the holes are punched out. The standard is required to be neat and free of burrs.

In the whole process of plate production, Qingdao Ripute uses high-quality stainless steel materials such as Zhangpu and Baoxin, and uses imported flattening machines. The diagonal error is small and there is almost no burrs. The operating technicians with more than ten years of industry experience are 
We have rich experience in sheet pressing to ensure the level of operation. The plate heat exchanger plates produced by Qingdao Ripute can bear pressure up to 25 kg without leakage, ensuring the heat exchange effect of the equipment. Plate heat exchanger plates 
For film production, you must choose a professional manufacturer!

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