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The wide application of food plate heat exchanger is the choice of the market

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The wide application of food plate heat exchanger is the choice of the market
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 Food plate heat exchanger as a high-efficiency heat transfer equipment, due to the small gap between the plate and the plate, the fluid to high-speed thin layer through the short heating time, without overheating phenomenon, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials, so it is extremely widely used in the food and beverage industry. So far it has been widely used in the dairy industry, beer, yellow wine and fruit wine, cold food and other industrial sectors such as juice and beverages.

       Then specifically, food plate heat exchanger is mainly used in the following four classified industries.
First, the dairy industry
In the dairy industry, the equipment is widely used in the high temperature short time (HTST) and ultra-high temperature (U.H.T) sterilization of fresh milk. It can also be used as heating, sterilization, and cooling of fresh milk and dairy products.

Second, the beer industry

food plate heat exchanger

In the beer industry, the equipment is widely used for beer cooling, cooling of sterile water, wort cooling and heating, beer filtration and cooling and other multiple processes.
Cold food industry
The cold food industry widely uses equipment for sterilization and cooling of cold food slurry to prepare ice cream or bar ice.
        Fourth, the juice and soy milk beverage industry
Juice beverage industry widely used equipment for a variety of juice heating and cooling. Due to the different types of juice, its heating temperature also varies, should be based on the production process of various juices for the combination of plate process. Juice beverage industry also applies plate heat exchanger to juice sterilization
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