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Have you met these mistakes when choosing Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger?

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Have you met these mistakes when choosing Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger?
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Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger is the most widely used heat exchange equipment brand in China, but customers often fall into some mistakes when purchasing, which also causes unnecessary economic losses and serious consequences. Today, the engineers of Qingdao Ruipute will give you a detailed review of several mistakes that you can't avoid.

The first is that the foreign brand quality heat exchanger must be better than the domestic one.This is not so much a mistake as a prejudice. With the rise of domestic manufacturing and the improvement of domestic heat exchange technology, the gap between the manufacturing level of domestic plate heat exchanger and that of foreign countries has become very small. In addition, manufacturers like Qingdao Ruipute literally use stainless steel of international first-tier brands and imported rubber raw materials, making the gap even smaller.

Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger

Second, many people think that as long as there is heat exchange area can be quoted.Many customers have experience in the use of plate heat exchangers and think that as long as there is area, there is the material of sheet tape, can quote. Not really. As a factory with 13 years of experience, we believe that the design of heat exchanger is based on meeting the requirements of the process. In the design, it is necessary to fully consider the operating condition parameters and physical parameters of customers, and even design from the perspective of the whole system.Therefore, pricing by area alone is unwise and undesirable.
Third, the greater the heat transfer area, the better.This is one of the most common customer myths we see.The greater the heat transfer area, the greater the margin, that is, the more channels, the greater the cross-sectional area of the fluid.With a certain flow rate, the smaller the flow rate of the single interplate channel is, the lower the flow rate of the interplate channel is, and the smaller the pressure loss of the fluid passing through the heat exchanger is.As the heat transfer area increases, the heat transfer coefficient will gradually decrease.As the flow rate decreases, turbulence becomes laminar.And the heat transfer efficiency goes down significantly.That's overcorrecting.
You must have encountered some of these mistakes and many others are common. If you have any doubts about them, please contact our heat exchanger engineer. Your problem will be solved.

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