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Qingdao Ruipute in the plate heat exchanger plate rubber gasket design and production of characteristics

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Qingdao Ruipute in the plate heat exchanger plate rubber gasket design and production of characteristics
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Plate heat exchanger is the core of the two major components of the heat exchanger plate and sealing gasket, so the quality of the plate gasket directly affects the quality of the exchange of Thermal efficiency and longevity of use, and therefore has historically been important to every factory. Ruipute has a wide range of characteristics in the production of plate /gasket, and today we will focus on the analysis.

 GEA gaskets for PHE (2)

One of the characteristics of the gaskets produced by Qingdao Ruipute is its wide variety, which has more than 200 molds so far. There is a wide range of plates available for all conditions. Substitutes are available for international brands such as Alfa Laval, GEA, Tranter, APV, Sondex and others.


Another feature of the plates is their unique design and the precision with which they are pressed. Through the design of the advanced infusion zone, the design of the corrugated angle groove depth of the plate, the scientific performance is high. High thermal efficiency, low scaling rate.


Qingdao Ruipute production of rubber gasket is characterized by good elasticity, compression deformation rate of 13%, and the international brand manufacturer of sealing gasket Gislavi using the same process, high temperature resistance, a full range, and plate with the use of the plate, for the safe operation of plate heat exchanger escort.

 gasket for heat exchanger (3)

Over the years, always pursue the quality of the plate adhesive gasket, for this reason, continuous study and research in heat transfer technology, as well as increasing the number of CNC machining centers and related equipment, the purpose is to adhere to the quality, because only the quality of stability, in order to make progress, development can have hope.


Qingdao Ruipute production of plate rubber distinctive features, applicable to the needs of the market, withstands the test of the market. The constant pursuit of high quality heat exchanger products and equipment, reflected in the equipment of every small link, only the details of a good job, in order to achieve success! Overall high quality.

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